Magnavox Odyssey – Table Tennis (1972)


  • Published by Magnavox
  • Developed by Magnavox
  • Released: May, 1972
  • Platform: Odyssey

I played this one on the Odyemu-Emulator and it was painfully slow. After tweaking the config-file for a bit, I was at least able to play it. So yeah, it’s pretty much Pong. You move your paddle up and down and try to get the ball over the net and past your opponent. Not exciting at all, especially since I am playing all these games alone. I am also missing the mesmerizing *bip* *bop* sounds since the Odyssey has no sound module.

Yes, you gotta give the game credit for being the first home console ever released, but other than that, there is not much to see here.

Watch this little clip I recorded:


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