Fairchild Channel F – Videocart-1 (1976)


  • Published by Fairchild Camera and Instrument Corp.
  • Developed by Fairchild Camera and Instrument Corp.
  • Released: 1976
  • Platform: Channel F

Since I have to wait till I get my hands on an original Odyssey (the emulator is only able to display two games), I will continue with the Fairchild Channel F.

The first cart consists of four games:

Tic-Tac-Toe: You play against the pc. Sometimes he makes dumb mistakes, but mostly he will absolutely destroy you. Fun for like two minutes.

Shooting Gallery: Pretty sweet actually. You are a paddle that moves up and down and shoots dots. You’re trying to hit little arrows, which is way harder than it sounds, because youre paddle is twisted. Just watch the video. Best game on here.

Doodle: It’s very, VERY basic MS Paint.You can only draw lines in three different colors. Boring.

Quadra-Doodle: I have no idea what this is, but it’s mesmerizing. The “game” draws some random lines in various colors. Really beautiful. I looked at it for about 10 minutes (no joking).

Overall an interesting start. Yes, only “Shooting Gallery” is a real game, but atleast that one is playable and actually fun.

Check this video I made:



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