Fairchild Channel F – Videocart-20 (1978)


  • Published by Fairchild Camera and Instrument Corp.
  • Developed by Fairchild Camera and Instrument Corp.
  • Released: 1978
  • Platform: Channel F

Whizzed in my pants!

Not really, because Video Whizzball is even more stupid than it’s name.
You try to shoot some big squares into your opponents goal, which is an interesting concept, but the game is painfully slow, clunky and when you get hit (happens ALOT) you have to wait for an eternity to respawn. Just skip it.

It’s notable that this was the first game to include an easteregg. Take a look at it here:


5 thoughts on “Fairchild Channel F – Videocart-20 (1978)

      1. Wow, that’s amazing! I would like to find a good second hand Fairchild to buy so I can try all the games of the past, but this looks like an hard challenge now…


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