Channel F – Top 5 and further reading


Should you play it?

Definitely. If you can get your hands on the console for a good price (around 150$), go for it. The system looks great with it’s wooden frame and since this was the first with cartridges, you can also start collecting them. And they look even cooler:


Could this BE more 70’s?
Yes, there are only 26 games and most of them are very simple and only last for 5 to 10 minutes, but there are also some really good games well worth your time. So, without further ado, my Top 5:

5.) Bowling


If you only have five minutes and need to play a Channel F-game, make it this one.

4.) Space War


The same as above, but this time with spaceships and lasers.

3.) Dodge It


Trippy game where you just have to dodge some squares. Way more fun than it sounds.

2.) Drag Strip


The only racing game on the system and even takes some skill and tactic. Great for two players, once you get the gist of it.

1.) Pac-Man


Technically just a homebrew-game but probably the best version of classic Pac-Man that takes full advantage of the Channel-F’s ‘power’.

Further Reading

How to emulate:

  1. Download MESS and MESSUI
  2. Download Channel F
  3. Place Channel F in the Mess roms-directory
  4. Start MESSUI and look for Channel F

That’s basically it. You can find all the games at the Internet Archive, which also let’s you play every game online.

For more information check gamefaqs where user IceQueenZer0 made a guide for every game with instructions for controls (console and emulator).
In the same vein, there is also MobyGames if you need accurate information on developers, designers and so on.

For some great reviews go to The Video Game Critic and the delightful Lord Karnage (CGR).

On Youtube there are vghchannel and ArcadeUSA who provide insightful comments on every game.
There is even an ongoing podcast called The Channel F Files.

You see, this system still get’s alot of love and though I’m probably not going to play again anytime soon and I am still grateful for the experience.

Next up: RCA Studio II


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