RCA Studio II – Biorythm/Blackjack/Climber/Combat


It’s starting to hurt.

You put in you birthday and today’s date and the Studio II then shows you some graphs. They mean absolutely nothing (think of horoscopes) and you can pretty much throw the cartridge away after you’ve seen all that bollocks. I’ll add a video below.

Just like any other version where you can only play against the computer, this get’s boring really fast. Combined with the simple graphics, this will put you to sleep instantly.

A nice concept ruined by a horrible design choice. You try to climb a tower while dodging falling rocks. That sounds fun BUT WAIT, the white squares (which are your cover) will also kill you when you touch them. Infuriating bullsh*t.

Just like Desert Storm on the Channel F, this is good game for two players. Just as clunky and turning your tank looks really awkaward, but this could be the best game on the system.


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