RCA Studio II – Concentration Match/Fun With Numbers/Gunfighter/Hockey


Be more honest with your titles!
Concentration Match:
It’s memory. The same, boring affair like on the Channel F, but with less colors and more cryptic symbols. Stick with the boardgame.

In the same vein as Desert Storm. You are a cowboy and move up and down, trying to shoot your opponent. You only defense is a cactus in the middle of the screen. The computer will absolutely destroy you in singleplayer, so just stick with the two-player-mode. This game is actually alright.

Fun With Numbers:
What a blatant lie. There is nothing fun about this. The computer thinks of a number and you have to guess it with the help of clues. This is also on the Channel F, but even with colors and better sounds it’s an absolute bore. Skip it!

Say’s on the titlescreen Pong and that’s what it is. This is a homebrew-version by Paul Robson (yes, this guy loves the Studio II and made three games for it) and as you would expect works alot better than other games on the system. Nothing too special, but you can’t go wrong with good ol’ Pong.


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