RCA Studio II – Invaders/Kaboom/Mathfun/Outbreak


Surprise sometimes will come come around.
This is your typical, always fun Space Invaders, but on hard-mode. The Alienships (which all look different like the Channel F-Version, so kudos) fire rapidly, which requires a bit more planning and faster completion. I like it.

You might know this game from Atari. Bombs are dropped and you have to catch all of them before they hit the ground. The simple graphics don’t help, but this is still lots of fun. Get’s really hard, really quick.

Solve math equations for preschoolers, either alone or with a “friend”. This works rather well with the numberpad, but even small children will yawn at this uneventful “game”. Skip it!

Or Arkanoid or Break-Out, is a homebrew-game by Lee Romanow and sucks big time. Your paddle moves waaayyy too slowly, which makes you miss most of the time and when you start the game, the ball drops at an unreachable point. So if you are really lucky and/or patient you can break two blocks before quitting the game in frustration. Skip it!


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