RCA Studio II – Pac-Man/Pinball/Rocket/Scramble


It’s actually Pinball (and why that’s bad).

Of all the versions I’ve played, this may be the least fun one. Of course the gameplay, eating pills and killing ghosts, still works and entertain, but the lackluster graphics and the horrendous sound make this quite painful.

What were they thinking? There are four big numbers in this machine and the ball counts them randomly (?) down and up and you can try to hit it at the right moment, but trust me, you won’t since your timing has to be absolutely perfect. One nanosecond too fast or too slow and that’s one ball gone. But what does it matter? Why would you even want to play this for more than one round? This game made me really question my existence. The worst and best game of all time.

Fitting title. You are a rocket and try to hit a spaceship at the right moment. After you press up the rocket flys on it’s own. Can’t get much simpler, but I’ve probably said that before. Also: no sound.

The first sidescroller with multiple levels, the huge arcade hit, shrunken down for the Studio II. And it works. The controls are slow, as is the shooting, which can be a problem, but since Scramble was already a somewhat easy game, this version is very playable. Thumbs up!



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