RCA Studio II – Space War/Speedway/Star Wars/Tennis


Chewie, we’re home…
Space War:
You and a friend control a bazooka or, let’s be frank here, a giant c*ck and try to shoot a spaceship that goes up and down. Whoever hit’s it the most, wins. Simple, short, totally alright in my book.

A racing game that play more like Irritating Stick. You know, this japanese game where you maneuver an electrified stick trough a steel maze (anyone). To be more clear: it’s a two player game where you drive a block (obviously a car) along a very simple race track and if you touch anything other than the road you get stuck and your block spazzes out. Aside from that annoying factor, this is also alright for a quick round or two (but no more than three).

Star Wars:
The first cartridge-based (unlicensed) Star Wars game. Interesting historical piece but crappy game. You move your cursor over the enemy and the game shoots after you few seconds. If he manages to get out of your view (happens very rarely), you lose. Very uneventful and kind of a letdown. I’d assume this was going to be good. Skip it!

How can you f*ck up Pong? Impossible! Well, the Studio II somehow managed to. On the surface this is your typical (a bit faster) Pong, but when you try to hit the ball, at random, the ball decides to move in a different direction. It’s absolutely mind-boggling to me. Who thought that is a clever twist? You should see this for yourself.

So that’s it. The next post will be my Top 5 and further reading.


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