RCA Studio II – Top 5 and further reading


You’re probably expecting me to say that the Studio II is one of the worst consoles of all time (just like everyone else).
And while it isn’t great, it’s far from being total sh*t. Yes, controlling this thing feels really awkward, the sound and graphics suck and the few notable games are poor ports of better versions. But they are still fun and alot of people seem to forhet that this is a cnosole-granddaddy. Why would you assume it would be perfect. Give this thing a rest and more importantly, a chance. You might end up enjoying yourself.

Top 5

5.) Space War
Play as a giant c*ck who tries to shoot an alienship faster than his friends giant c*ck.
What’s not to like?

4.) Hockey
It’s a fast version of Pong and a million times better than Tennis for the system.

3.) Kaboom
Catch those bombs. Go fast. Have a blast.

2.) Invaders
Fast paced port of Space Invaders. Works like a charm.

1.) Scramble
Without a doubt the best game on the system. Multiple levels and easy to pick up. Shame about the clunky controls.

Further reading:

How to emulate:
Download and install the Emma 02-emulator. Everything is already set up. So just choose a game and play.

If you want information about the games, check MobyGames and Gamefaqs.  The latter has more information, which is a bit odd. The number 1 fan of the Studio II is Paul Robson. Go to his website, where you download his homebrew-games and find a lot of technical information. Great guy.

For some gameplay-vids, check out TheLimeyDragon and petsajim1. This guy is uploading content around the clock. No idea how he’s doing it, but bless him.

That’s all for the Studio II. Next up: Tandy TRS-80.


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