Tandy TRS-80 – Eliza


This is a big one.

The TRS-80 was released in 1977 and initially sold as an office minicomputer. Of course, some smart people decided to make games for it and only one year later it had the biggest software library on the market. Hell, this badass sold even better than the Apple II. There is a lot to cover here, so if you are more interested in the history, just check wikipedia. We are here for the games. Just take one good look at this beauty and we’re off.


I probably wont be able to review every game. There are lots of games (MobyGames lists about 300, but there are way more) and not all of them are emulated (yet). I’ll try my best though.

The first game I picked is Eliza. Released in 1978 it is considered the first chatterbot. You may know the concept from the popular Cleverbot that gives the illusion of talking to an actual A.I.. Eliza is more of a therapists that asks you questions. “How do you feel?”, “What do you mean by that?” and so on. It get’s repetitive fairly quick as the same questions appear over and over again, but for a 40 year old program, this is damn impressive. You can really sink some time into this game if you want to want to discover all possible responses.
At the end you get Eliza’s professional thoughts about yourself. And they are spot on. Kinda scary. Play this.


Here is an excerpt from our conversation:



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