Tandy TRS-80 – Adventureland


Take Bees!

I really enjoy Interactive Fiction. I always thought they are boring, but since I’ve played 9:05 I am hooked and play for half an hour every night in bed.

Adventureland came out in 1978 and is very basic. There is no story, just the mission to collect thirteen artifacts. You go somewhere, the game tells you what the character sees, you pick it up and go on. There are a few puzzles along the way, but the solution ist always obvious.
A shaky wall? Blow it up with your lamp and a bag filled with gas. A bear is in your way? Yell at him and he pisses right off. Easy stuff. Shouldn’t take you longer than an hour to beat.

The whole game is pretty light-hearted and sometimes funny and recommended for everyone interested in the roots of adventure games. Developer Scott Adams went on to create a lot more notable games, that I will cover later.




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