Tandy TRS-80 – Wumpus I & II


Haha, he’ll getcha next time!

You’ve probably played or programmed this game before. Written in BASIC, Wumpus can be found on every platform imaginable. So, of course, it was also released on Tandy’s old box in 1978.
You play an unnamed Hunter who tries to shot a monster with his bow and arrow. You move to different rooms and the game tells you if the Wampus is near or far away. If you characters says: “I smell a Wumpus.”, your time has come. If you are lucky and shoot in the right direction, you win. But be careful. There are also bats and deep pits. Yes, this is nothing more than a fancy version of hide ‘n seek, but a tense one and still fun for a quick round.


Wumpus II came out one year later, in 1979. It’s basically the same game, but with more cave-variations and, the biggest difference, this time you had to tell the game how far you want to shoot. Which actually shortens the game since you can blindly shoot over the whole map and finish the Wampus on your first try. Still, the minor changes make this the preferred version.

Little known fact: most TRS-80 users found out about this game when they bought Basic Computer Games *TRS-80 Edition*. This nerd-bestseller, released in 1980, was full of games you could program and play at home.



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