Tandy TRS-80 – Sargon I & II


I was good at chess when I was younger.



Not so good anymore. I got rusty. But I still enjoy a game againts the computer.
Sargon came out in 1978 and quickly became the gold standar when it won against other chess programs at the West Coast Computer Faire. Funny story: the TRS-80 port was made by a Navy Officer, but he dropped development when he had to go back to sea.

The game is still worth playing today. The graphics can be a bit confusing (pawns look a lot like bishops) and you have to type in your moves, but you get a talented and fairly fast computer opponent with choosable difficulty. I like it.



Sargon II came out a year later and had two player support and an even smarter, but slower computer opponent. The graphics may look fancier at first glance, but are at a closer look a cluttered mess. You really have to squint your eyes to distinguish your pieces. I’d actually recommend the first game over this.



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