Tandy TRS-80 – The Wizard’s Castle


Let me go, you filthy goblin!
This is widely considered one of the first roguelikes. You are given the task to find the Orb of Power, which is hidden in a massiv castle. Choose your race and even you starting-gear and off you go. The map is randomly created, so every playthrough is different and can take between 15 minutes or two hours. Be prepared to die alot. There are many bloodthirsty monsters and they hit hard. You can replenish your health at pools or vendors (where you can also upgrade your gear). This game has no level-system, so finding a better weapon and armour is highly recommended.

So beat the game you have to fight some monsters to get a staff, use that staff on the right warp and teleport yourself to the orb. This all can happen after a few turns or never. Luck plays a big role here.
The game is presented in plain text, which works fine for the simple commands, but using the map can be tedious.


Overall, The Wizard’s Castle is still worth a look and has a lot replayabilty due to its randomly generated dungeons.


If you want to learn more about the history of this game, check this link.
There is also free remake with a real UI and some fancy graphics.



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