Tandy TRS-80 – Strange Odyssey


Pull that rod! Again and again!

Another thrilling text adventure by Scott Adams. You are an astronaut. Your ship just broke down on an alien planet and now you have to collect five treasure so you can return to the mothership. Makes sense? No? Exactly.
This is just Adventureland in space. Move to a few locations like a cave full of paintings or a cave made out of ice or a cave in the jungle, solve maybe three or four puzzles, get annoyed at your limited inventory space and shoot a hound. Twice! Not gonna lie: this was one of the more exciting moments I’ve had so far on this system. Sadly, it lasted for only half an hour. The game is short, even for Scott Adams standards and would be even shorter if you not had to do certain actions over and over again.

It’s not a particularly bad game, there are some funny moments and interesting uses of items, but it just feels like someone was trying to make a quick buck.




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