Tandy TRS-80 – Sorcerer’s Castle Adventure


F*ck pirates!

This text adventure, writtten in BASIC, was released in 1979 by Greg Hassett when he was like 14 years old. So he is excused for making this shoddy game.

You are some dude and you have to kill a wizard for whatever reason. You start out in a forest, but soon find a castle that is made out of mazes. Yes, be prepared to draw a big, confusing map.  You find a few items like a sword or a pistol and solve a puzzle which involves drinking liquid that shrinks you. When you’re lucky enough to find to the wizard you can either shoot or stab the bastard. There is no ending, but you can drop everything outside the castle (and only there) and ask for a score. Exciting stuff.

There is also a pirate who randomly appears and steals everything you got. So you have to walk around the mazes again. If you get stuck, a character named Chester the Jester will pop up and give you hints like: ”Gulp Gulp Gulp, drink it down, I’m not such a stupid clown!” There is no option to kill him.

I am a little infuriated, to put it mildly. Infuritated with the lack of story, lack of puzzles and lack of imagination. Hassett’s later games are said to be alot better. Let’s hope so.




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