Tandy TRS-80 – Mission Impossible


Literally putting a dead guy in your inventory.

And we are back to an early Scott Adams text adventure. This game is also known as Secret Mission and was released in 1979. But instead of another fantasy story, we get a spy thriller. Nice.

You are inside an automated nuclear reactor where a saboteur, who is also a heart patient (of course), planted a time bomb. Yes, this ass wants to kill himself by blowing up the entire country. It’s not clear why, so I assume he’s just fishing for attention.

Anyway, you run around the facility searching for keys, pushing buttons and picking up ID-cards. You will also hear rumbling at a random time and then find the dead saboteur who you can pick up like any other item to get access to new areas. Hilarious.

Sadly, this is another very short game. Even shorter than Strange Odyssey. The map is small, but lucid and there are only three, fairly easy, puzzles. Some interaction with other (living) characters would have done wonders.
I nonetheless enjoyed the fresh setting and especially the abundance of a million items.
The cover art is also pretty sweet.




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