Tandy TRS-80 – Pyramide Of Doom


That Nomad is so mad.

You see the cover, you know what’s up. It’s a text adventure by Scott Adams. It was in released in 1979 and it is pretty good.
You play as an adventurer who is stuck in a pyramid and has to find 13 items. Yep, it’s one of these games and I don’t mind. The map is bigger than other Adams classics, so have a pen and a piece of paper ready. Also, save often. There a enemies that can kill you randomly. Snakes, mummies, nomads and of course, rats. Hungry rats. The puzzles are plentiful and quite clever, like giving a skull to a decapitated skeleton so it opens a door.

The limited inventory space is again a pain in the ass, since you have to run to the special “Drop Zone”, remove some items and head back.
This also on of the reasons why this game is fairly long. Expect to invest one or two hours.

Overall: nothing special. We’ve seen this kind of gameplay in Adventureland, but since I enjoyed that one…




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