Tandy TRS-80 – Mystery Fun House


Chewing gum in sewer systems.

Don’t worry, we are nearly done with Scott Adams.

This text adventure from 1979 puts you in the (loose) shoes of some kid who goes into a funhouse to steal super secret plans. No idea why.
And let me tell you beforehand: this is by far the hardest game in the series.
It is absolutely vital that you draw a map and write down clues and that you save often. You don’t want to get kicked out by a bouncer by typing in the wrong commands.

There are mazes, a few hard puzzles that require to think out of the box, lots of backtracking, combining multiple items and, of course, a lot of item managing.
Yeah, this game can easely take a few hours to complete.

Which is great. A fresh setting and a real challenge. I’m impressed. An engaging story next time and I’m pleased.
My favorite so far.





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