Tandy TRS-80 – King Tut’s Tomb Adventure



Inspired by an SNL-sketch. Oh boy…

Another Greg Hassett text adventure from 1979, when he was still very young. And it also sucks. It’s the same sh*t like Sorcerer’s Castle. This time you are an archeologist and walk through a pyramid to find lots of treasures.
And guess what!
Mazes as far as the eye can see. So be prepared for some serious map drawing action.
Another Greg Hassett feature returns. Random things that kill you. Like a mummy, which you can easely set on fire with your torch, and a goober which you can scare of with a snake. Haven’t found a snake yet? Bad luck; you’re dead and have to start all over again.

Uuughhh, I hate this tedious treasure hunt. It’s all work and no fun. Even when you forced yourself trough the game and drop all your precious items, you only get a score. There is no reward and ultimately no reason to play this.


For the SNL reference? Check this:


Yes, I’m also still laughing my as* off.


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