Tandy TRS-80 – International Bridge Constructors


And now for something completely different…

This BASIC business simulation was released in SoftSide Magazine in 1979.
You are the head of a bridge building company and try to amount 500 million dollar.
And let me tell you, this is an all-nighter. You start with 50M and buy workers, resources and scientists. After that, a customer needs your help for a bridge, which will cost, let’s say, 5M. Now, you want more out of that deal, but also not shy the customer away. So you say 10M, he agress and voila, 5M profit. So buy more resources and workers to take on bigger bridges. You get the idea.

The game is very simple and there is not much you can do. The amount a customer is willing to pay (his limit) is randomly generated by the computer. You might be able to make 100M in one turn, but most of the time you only make little money (5-10M). Be prepared to go bankrupt fast. There are also random events like an avalanche or legal cases that can ruin your business.

The real strenght lies in the multiplayer part. Up to 4 players can compete with each other. Who makes the best deals and rises to the top first? Sounds great, but I was not able to try it out.

“Hey dude, are up for a game?”
“Hell yeah! What game?
“International Bridge Constructors for the TRS-80!…..hello?”

Still, nice idea, well implemented.




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