Tandy TRS-80 – Flying Saucers


Shooting exclamation marks at friendly aliens.

This Space Invaders-like game was released in 1979 by Tandy, so you know it’s high quality. Or is it?

Well, it’s charming.
You control a cannon that can only tilt left an right and your only mission is to fend off those cute looking intruders. Due to limitations of the system however, you don’t shoot simple bullets, you shoot ASCII characters. And even better, when an alien ships explodes, they don’t just disappear, they go down in a big *boom* of hastags and commas. When things get more hectic ,it looks like a Pollock painting done by Neo.

Sadly, there is no challenge whatsoever. You can shoot continuously, aliens even fly into each other and they don’t fight back. The only motivation is beating your highscore.

Impressive eyecandy to let off some steam.




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