Tandy TRS-80 – Dog Star Adventure


Sadly, not a story about a dog in space.

Princess Leya’s (not Leia) ship was attacked by General Doom and is now being held prisoner and it is your mission to rescue her.
Yeah, you guessed right. This text adventure is heavely inspired by Star Wars.

The game was written in BASIC by Lance Micklus and released in 1979 in SoftSide Magazine. Notably the first adventure whose source code was released in print.
I assume it must’ve been a total pain in the as* to type out pages of code just to play a short, silly game.

You start in the cockpit of your Falcon and you have to not only find the princess, but also lots of treasures. Get used to write GET and DROP, because as always, your inventory space is limited. The area you explore isn’t that big and besides a little maze (which I still hated) is not hard to navigate. You don’t even have to draw a map.
Some guards may attack you randomly, but you can just shoot them. If you run out of ammo (only four shots) and get captured you start over on your ship, but keep all your items. So this artificial element of lengthening the game, which lasts about an hour, get’s thrown right out the window.
I really hope Scott Adams took notes.
Add a bit of dumb humor and obscure puzzles, like feeding a robot with hamburgers to distract him, and you got yourself a real gem.
Deserves more credit.




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