Tandy TRS-80 – Attack Force



We’ve made it. Goodbye 70s, welcome 80s. Let’s see what you have to offer.
The first game is Attack Force, released in 1980 by Big Five Software.
And the beginning is 4th wall breaking awesomness. The NewDos-screen moves up and down, from left to right and goes blurry, all while the game tells you that “they” are in command now. I got a little spooked. Especially when the title screen popped up with some very loud screeching sounds.
What an introduction.


The game itself is nothing special though. You navigate a tank (I assume) in a big grid and have to shoot spaceships. You can speed up and slow down anytime, which is absolutely necessary since enemy movement is random. Always keep your distance. The clunky controls aren’t helpful either. After you’ve destroyed them all, you get a very flashy transition to the next, harder level.
Yep, this is another highscore-hunt that’s quite fun in short bursts. Worth your time just for the intro.


Here’s a vid by Nele Abels:


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