Tandy TRS-80 – C.I.A. Adventure


Hi, I’m C.I.A.

This is another text adventure written in BASIC, by Hugh Lampert and published in CLOAD Magazine who released many games on casette and later on disk.

You are a special agent and your mission is to recover a ruby that was stolen by a spy ring called Chaos. You do so by infiltrating their headquarter, which means unlocking doors, pushing buttons and walking. A lot of walking.

The game is kinda hard, mostly because you find many items and have no clue how to use them.

“Oh cool, a television. Nice, a capsule. Wow, a painting…….now what?”

Add the always beloved limited item space and you got yourself a game that mostly consists of trial and error. I also wasn’t able to get really invested in the story. Description of you surroundings is extremly short and there is never a feel of danger. I mean, this place should be swarmed by baddies and high-end spy stuff, but all you get is a security guard who takes your coffee (the absolute madman), a 1000ft deep pit and a an unfitting James Bond reference.
Skip it!




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