Tandy TRS-80 – Dancing Demon


Shake that demon booty!

This oddity was created by Leo Christopherson in 1980 and it is bloody amazing.
Don’t think of it as a game, but more like an early music program with state of the art visuals. This is what’s going on:

First you create a beat by adding up to 255 (!!!) chords.
Next you make a dance routine by stringing together 18 different moves. Spins, squats, stomps, turns, you name it. After that it’s time to start the show.

We are greeted with a little stage, the curtain goes up and we see…this:


Yep, that’s the Dancing Demon. Looks more like a cute alien to me, but whatever.
Your song starts to play and this little fella dances your routine to it. It’s just mindblowing that this is possible on the TRS-80. It looks smooth, has music and there are a million(?) possible outcomes. You can sink many, many hours into this.

It’s charming and funny and I think that somebody had to fight really hard to get this released. It feels lightyears ahead of it’s time. PLAY IT!


Here’s a little vid by John Sokol:


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