Tandy TRS-80 – Armored Patrol


Taking care of aliens. One giant bullet at a time.

Another impressive entry.
Armored Patrol, a 3D action game and the first home version of Atari’s arcade hit Battlezone, was released in 1981 by Adventure International.

You are inside a tank, which can rotate 360 degrees and is equipped with a very useful radar and your mission is to destroy other tanks, robots and occasionally an UFO.
Movement is very slow, but thankfully your enemies aren’t the fastest either. They also die after one hit (you on the other hand have four lives).

Because of it’s arcade roots, there is no ending, only your own desire to beat the highscore.
Or fight your friend in two player mode (you guessed right: I couldn’t try it out).


The presentation is top notch. Enemies get bigger or smaller (depending on their distance to your tank), there are mountains in the background and houses on the battlefield that you can use for cover. Shooting makes a satisfying *phew* sound, robots detonate in a thousand pieces and if you get hit, your window cracks.

No wonder Armored Patrol was so well recieved by critics and beloved by many gamers.
It’s easy to pick up, fast-paced and shows the real power of the TRS-80. PLAY IT!


Here is a vid by hirudov:


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