Tandy TRS-80 – Crush, Crumble and Chomp!


No, Goshilla, NOOOOOOO!

This game is huge.
Released in 1981 by Epyx, CC&C is a turn-based action game that puts you in the oversized shoes of classic movie monsters. Because of copyright they couldn’t use the real names, but Goshilla or Mantra should ring some bells.

You start by choosing one of six monsters or you can just grow one and give ’em special abilities. Already lots of replayability.
Next, you choose one of five missions like Balanced (get points for pretty much anything you do), Killer Monster (get points for killing humans) or Destruction (get points for destroying units and buildings).
Lastly, you choose one of four big maps. New York, Golden Gate, Washington or Tokyo.

You start somewhere on the map and you can do whatever you like. Just keep an eye on your mission, your health and your hunger. You can destroy buildings with your atomic breath, shoot helicopters with your ray beam or grab some tasty humans. Every monster has special abilities, so it’s advised that you have the character sheets at hand. BTW, the manual is amazing and very detailed.
Your health regenerates over time, so you don’t have to worry that much of getting hurt.

The only drawback is the wait when there are many units onscreen. They all want to do something and boy do they take their time.
That aside, CC&C is a fantastic title with many options that can last you for weeks.
I will definitely play this some more. Right now!




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