Tandy TRS-80 – Frogger


Gotta go fast!

Man, I love Frogger.
Such a simple, yet addicting game.
Playing this reminded me of my childhood when I would compete with familiy and friends in Frogger 3D for the PS1. So many great memories.

This version of Frogger was developed by The Cornsoft Group and licensed by Sega.
There are more Froggers for the TRS-80, but this is the official one.
And what an achievement.

The graphics are as sharp as the controls are fluid.
The street and the river are two seperate areas, allowing the camera to be closer to the action (or simply put: everything is bigger).
There is even background music during the game. On a system without a sound controller.

What can I say about the gameplay? It’s timeless.
Dodging cars that get faster every stage, jumping on tortoises before they submerge, catching insects for bonus points and rescuing little frogs just for that sweet, sweet highscore. I could and I will spend many hours with this game.
I might even be able to persuade one of my friends for the multiplayer mode.

Play it! Probably the best game for the system.




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