Tandy TRS-80 – Meteor Mission 2


My ears are bleeding.

Released in 1981 by Big Five Software, this is another variant of Lunar Lander.

If you are unfamiliar:
You get dropped by a space ship, land on a platform while dodging meteors, pick up an astronaut and then fly back to the ship while again dodging meteors. The platforms get smaller on every turn and once you rescued 9 astronauts you unlock the next level, which is more of the same.

It’s simple and fairly easy, considering you can shot and control speed, but it never becomes dull or boring because there are always like a million meteors onscreen.
The only annoyance, at least in this version, are the high-pitched sounds when picking somebody up.
I know you guys are happy, but please, tone it down!

Very addicting game and yes, also multiplayer. Thank’s for reminding me of my loneliness.




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