Tandy TRS-80 -Scarfman


Pac-Man who?

The ghosts wear scarfs and that’s where that silly name comes from.
This arcade classic was released in 1981 (one year after Namco’s original) and developed by The Cornsoft Group.

It plays just like it’s big brother.
Eat dots, run from ghosts, eat power-ups, hunt ghosts, break the highscore.
The only difference? Difficulty! This game is hard as balls.
Enemies moves really fast and power-ups last only a few seconds.
And it get’s worse every stage. I wasn’t even able to beat stage 10.
This isn’t really a flaw though. Many oldtimers rush through Pac-Man with their eyes closed, so I’m sure they’ll welcome this challenge.

You know how the ghosts turn blue in Pac-Man so you know when they can’t harm you? Well, the TRS-80 displays black and white and the posture and speed of the ghosts only changes slightly when vulnerable.
Be prepared to die when trying to eat them and they’re in full attack-mode again.

You’ll learn to handle that after a while and it shouldn’t stop you from playing this timeless classic. Recommended for arcade veterans.




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