Tandy TRS-80 – Serpent


There’s plenty more fish in the sea.

This time we go to the depths of the ocean in this shooter by Molimerx.
You control a submarine and shoot wool threads, or serpents as the game wants you to believe. They move fast and erratically and you actually have to shoot their head (what head?) or else they multiply. Lots of luck involved.

Sporadically a huge whale will appear.
So huge that even the serpents will p*ss right off.
You can ignore the fella or kill him for some extra points and flashy animations.
After the time runs out, or you’ve been hit for five times the game ends and you can try a harder difficulty or a customizable mode where you can set the speed of your submarine, the time and so on.

It’s short, challenging and has a fresh setting. Give it a go!
Having a button for shooting left and a button for shooting right feels awkward tho.
Just let me turn my ship.




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