Tandy TRS-80 – Stellar Escort


All of the lights…

An unusual arcade shooter by Big Five Software.
Firt of all, this game has voice. I was pressed into my seat when I heard a robotic voice tell me the name of the game after the flashy title screen appeared. I’m pretty sure that blew some folks mind back then.


Your task is easy. Shoot every enemy while keeping an eye on your fuel. Firing lasers can empty your tank rather quickly.
Shooting is very unusual. You’re not firing from your ship. Instead you shoot beams from the corner of the screen. I have no idea how that would actually work, but I’m guessing they just wanted to try something different. It works, but feels awkward.

Another unusual aspect concerns the enemies. They don’t just appear in front of you. They move in a 3-dimensional space (you on the other hand don’t), meaning they start out small farther away and become bigger as they approach your ship. Timing is everything.

And that’s pretty much it. Another solid entry by BFS that surprisedme¬† with it’s stunning audiovisual presentation and kept me entertained for a few quick rounds. It takes some time to get the hang of it and even than it’s still a tough game, but ultimatey worth it.
Give it a go!


Here’s a short vid by Nele Abels:


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