Tandy TRS-80 – Voyage of the Valkyrie


Damn you birds!

What an obscure little title.

This action/adventure game was developed by Leo Christopherson all by himself.
You control the Valkyrie in first person and try to conquer the island of Fugløy by stealing gold from all it’s castles.
Because that’s how conquering works.

The first (small) hurdle is finding the castles. You can move in four directions (NSEW) , but since you are mostly surronded by mountains you can usually only move in one direction. Flying into a mountain is an instant game over.
Once you found a castle the battle begins.

Now, the battle system isn’t perfect, but at least unique.
Bird creature will appear and shoot you, so you obviously shoot back by moving a crosshair across the screen and try to hit their weak spot.
Their chest.
It’s a tiny zone that can hurt them and it’s made even more difficult by two problem:
-enemies move pretty fast and your movement of the crosshair is slow
-shooting drains energy that needs to refill after a few seconds, making you vulnerable for enemy fire
Trust me, you want to choose a low difficulty at the start of the game. When you killed all foes you move on to another castle.

Graphics are nice. I like mostly seeing the top of mountains. Gives a great impression of height and works well with the black and white scheme of the TRS-80.
Also: music. This madman Christopherson managed to squeeze freaking Wagner on a floppy disk for a system without sound module. Impressive.

A weird game and that’s exactly why I like it.




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