Tandy TRS-80 – Zork II: The Wizard of Frobozz


Finally kissing the princess.

This 1981 follow-up to Zork I start’s exactly where the predecessor ended.

We are still in the Great Underground Empire and this time our duty is to kill a dragon, save a princess and get rid of an very annyoing wizard.
This guy will randomly appear. Mostly he does nothing but stare at you, but sometimess he will use his witchcraft to put a spell on you.

Like one time I was tyring to pick up an item but instead dropped items I already had.
The only choices you have are either to wait until the curse is over or load a savegame.

Saving is important. Not only are there many situations that can kill you, but sometime you want to try a different approach to puzzles.
Like instead of kisssing the princess you want to try to kill her.
Because the game is hilarious.
It’s the same as Zork I (thank god).

You have the zany humour, obscure puzzles and a huge, detailed world.
It’s still not perfect as you absolutely need to draw a map and save often due to rng, but man is it fun.
Can’t wait for the third part.




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