Tandy TRS-80 – Mount St. Helens aka Volcano


I should make cover art for a living.

This choose-your-own-adventure game was released in 1981 in SoftSide Magazine. There isn’t much info on the web, but I assume you had to write this game on your own in BASIC to play it.

When you start it up, you are presented with a few options.
You can choose to read about what happened on St. Helens Mountain, you can look at a shoddy picture that shows the different layers of the mountain or you can simply play the adventure.

You are a guy who was just camping when suddenly the volcano decides to erupt and you have to survive until a helicopter finds you.
The game gives you a short description of what’s happening and then let’s you decide what you want to do.
You usually pick one out of four options. If you picked the right one, you  move to the next decision, otherwise it’s game over.
It would be annoying to remember like a thousand right answers everytime you die.

But this game is over in five minutes.
I’m not kidding.
You move a rock out the way, run down a creek, hold on to a log, get on a bridge an *tada* there is the helicopter.

I mean, I like the scenario and not having to deal with a parser for once, but…there is nothing here to even complain about.
I guess Softside wanted to keep it short, so you don’t have to type out a whole book.
On the other hand, they releases full-fledged text adventures, so what is their excuse?

I’m not gonna rate this game. I’m also not angry, I just feel nothing. Which, at least, is nice for a change.





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