Tandy TRS-80 – 9-Hole Minature Golf


*Insert sex joke here*


Another BASIC game by SoftSide, so I don’t know if they published it on casette or just printed the code in their magazine.
Probaby both, altough it doesn’t really matter as you will never play this game.
It’s not bad, just painfully bland.

This is how it goes:
You choose the number of players (in my case one, but up to ten) and then play nine courses that become gradually harder.
You move the putter around the ball, choose the strenght of your shoot by typing 1 to 9 and then watch the ball crawl very slowely towards the hole.
The number you put in determines the distance, not the speed.

There is no sound or music and the graphics are, well…basic.
It’s fine for a quick game with friends, but too slow and uneventful to spend more time with it.




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