Tandy TRS-80 – Escape From Traam


You have to look REALLY hard.


I’m not kidding. You have to tell the game to Look five times until anything happens.
I have no idea why but guess to make it artificially longer.
A bit too obvious for my taste.

This text adventure was written by Jyym Pearson, so I was really thrilled after playing The Institue.
Your spaceship stranded on an alien planet and you have to escape before the inhabitants kill you.
You again have a nice graphic of the game on the side of the screen, a big open world, a few clever puzzles and a parser that allows more than two words.
Besides that, it’s nothing to write home about.

The humour is silly (a statue of Dick Nixon, an insect which is actually a game bug…*haha*), you spent a lot of time in a dark cave which makes navigating a chore and taking a wrong direction can get you instantly killed.
Also, every written or spoken word on this planet is in a foreign language (makes sense) and you have to find a dictionary.
It would be great if everything were to be translated at this point, but no.
You actually have to decipher everything letter for letter.
Another petty chore, considering the useless information you get most of the time.

This was a bit of a let down.
Alright for a single playthrough, but I probably have forgotten most of it by tomorrow.




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