TANDY TRS-80 -The Curse of Crowley Manor


A detective story turns heavy metal!

No kidding. I expected another lame “Find every item” text adventure, but my man, Jyym Pearson, surprises again.

You are Inspector Black of Scotland Yard and you have to solve a murder at Crowley Manor. All of a sudden you meet a spirit who tells you that his brother, the demon king, haunts this place. So you go to hell (!!!) with your golden shield and cleansed sword and battle for the sake of humanity.
What a wild ride!
I got really pumped the more I played.

The mansion is pretty big, so drawing a map is advised. At least there are no mazes.
Puzzles are plentiful and the solutions are (mostly) obvious and straightforward. There are a few situations that can kill you if you don’t keep the right order, but as I always say:
save often!

On the downside, you have two instances where the game won’t tell you obvious exits.
I guess this was mistake,  so try every direction if you get stuck.
The parser is another problem. You don’t GET IN CAR, you CLIMB IN CAR. If you want to pick up items, you have to tell the game exactly what to pick up. It’s not simply the CHAIR, it’s the OLD DUSTY WOODEN CHAIR.
Yes, you get used to it, but it’s still pretty annoying.

One of the better adventures for the TRS-80 and worth a look for the batsh*t crazy story alone.



That’s it for 1981. I covered almost every game, except for some compilations. Great year for this system, let’s see if 1982 can compete.


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