Tandy TRS-80 – Crazy Painter


Look at this dandy idiot!

Released in 1982 by The Cornsoft Group, this arcade game is…odd.
Which is also one of its few good characteristics.

You play a painter who has to paint the whole screen white.
That’s it!
Enemies like dogs, skulls or meteors (?) can destroy parts of the painting, so you have to go back and paint them again. When you’re finished, you press space and move on to the next stage. Between stages you can play a mini game which consists of collecting as many enemies as possible for extra points.

You can choose between ten difficulties (more enemies) and there is also a two player option (good luck finding someone who is willing to play this).

I have nothing more to say, sorry.
It’s the simplest and most boring game mechanic I could think of. Maybe the version for the C64 or the CoCo are better. I’ll see.
Until then:

No rating/10



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