Tandy TRS-80 – Circus


That escalated quickly…


Like, way too quick.
In this text adventure by Brian Howarth, you play as some dude (it’s always a guy without any characteristics) whose car broke down so he goes into a nearby circus tent to find some fuel.

You meet a clown who shows you a note that says something like:
“This place is evil and we are all dead. Blow it up!
So you walk around the fairly small, mazeless(!) area, solve some well-made puzzles like giving a seal a fish to eat so he gives you a snorkel with which you can steal a bit of gas for your car or like cracking a whip to scare off a lion so that you can make your way underground where you find a button to detonate the whole place.
Why anyone would build something like that in the first place is beyond me, but I guess…videogames.
After you pressed the button you have 24 turns to leave the circus.
Great idea and I’m not being sarcastic.
You can just walk back to your car or go the badass-route by firing yourself out of a cannon. Just make sure to wear a helmet.

It’s a short and easy game as the solution for most puzzles are pretty obvious.
Good for newbies to the genre.
On the other hand, it’s too simple for my taste.
Descriptions are non-existent. It’s always “You are here. Here is item X”.
I know this game was made with graphics in mind, but it wouldn’t have been a problem to add a few lines for the text-only port.
The parser can be bitchy as times. Keep in mind that the game was made by a brit.
You also don’t STRETCH NET, you silly yank, you ERECT NET.
I even had to use a solution for some parts which really hurt my self-esteem.





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