Tandy TRS-80 -Devil’s Tower


Of course aliens would attack Wyoming first.


A simple action game with a twist by Fantastic Software.
After you press play, you will see a big mountain in the middle of the screen.
Your ship (could be anything, really) is on the left and the angry invaders are on the right. You have to shoot over the mountain to destroy them.

There are five different shooting angles to choose from and the possibility to drill a little hole for cover into the mountain. Enemies shoot back and they have near perfect aim. Besides the normal, ground enemy-types there are also robots who can climb the mountain, which makes them a hard target to hit and a flying spaceship that builds a shield, so you have to shoot the same spot over and over to get through.

Supposedly, the space in which you can move shrinks on later stages, but I was never able to get that far.
The enemy is a master sniper and using the up/down keys to change angle instead of the number keys feels awkward and clunky. Maybe this works in multiplayer mode, but if you’re on your own…skip it!




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