Tandy TRS-80 – Dunzhin/Laser Ball


He-Man & reverse Pac-Man.


Since I don’t have enough to say about either those games, I’m gonna keep it short and simple.

Dunzhin is a roguelike rpg by Med System Software.
Well, it is actually missing a lot of rpg elements.
You can’t decide on a character class and there are no items. You have a sword and a shield and that’s about it.
Still a fun, little title.
At the start of the gameĀ  you get told which treasure you have to find and then make your way through a randomly generated dungeon.
Enemies can attack you at any time and you can either run or fight them by telling the game which part of their body you want to hit. Nice.
There are also some kind of quick time events where you have a nanosecond to press any key or else you fall to your death or get stuck in a net.

To be totally honest, I suck at these type of games and wasn’t able to get past the second (out of five) floor.
Check it out if the following screenshot sparks your interest or read this fantastic in-depth review by The CRPG Addcit.



Laser Ball by Adventure International is a Pac-Man ripoff with two differences.
You drop pills instead of eating them. The goal is to fill to the empty screen. Clever, eh?
When you munch a power-up you shoot laser beams at the enemies for a short amount of time, which is actually pretty badass.

That brings me to the game’s biggest problem though.
Enemies are waaayyy too fast and attack from all sides. You need the reaction time of a fruit fly (I googled that information) to stand a chance. I gave up after my fifth attempt to beat the first stage.
Also, the intro music sounds like someone sticking hot needles in your ears. Avoid!



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