Tandy TRS-80 – Mad Mines


They sure are mad.


This shoot ’em up by Funsoft is pretty slick.
The screen is divided in two parts.
In the upper half are mines that move around until you shoot them. They then transform into one of four enemy types that will attack, so you have to shoot them again to kill them off for good.
Following stages play the same, except that the area in which the mines move get larger, giving you less room to navigate.
That would be kinda easy if you could just shoot them one by one but noooo.
If you take too much time (which will happen) they transform all at once and attack.
No biggie with slower enemies like the skulls, but the bird-like creatures are too fast and the result is an instant death.
Not exactly fair.

I still had a good time.
There is sound (yes, it is a big deal), gameplay feels tight, screen transitions are oddly satisfying (the is a big whoosh) and the “just one more round” symptom set in rather quickly.
Shame that there is no co-op multiplayer.




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