Tandy TRS-80 – Outhouse


The greatest story never told.


In Factory Programmer‘s action game, you control a small spaceship and your mission is to keep evil aliens from stealing all your toilet paper.
Yes, that sounds awesome.

You start with 200 rolls of paper and shoot flying enemies while also dodging their missiles. Always keep an eye on the ground, because some spastic moving creatures make their way to your outhouse to steal your precious treasure.

You can shoot in every direction by pressing space and an arrow key, which works great. You also have three smart bombs at your disposal to destroy every enemy onscreen.
Once you got rid of all the thieves, the next wave starts.

Yeah, that was surprisingly awesome.
Fluid controls, fast-paced action and a stupid but charming concept.
Recommended for highscore hunters with a faible for obscure games.




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