Tandy TRS-80 – Rally


It’s Pac-Man with cars.


This arcade game was developed by Factory Programming and written by J. Weaver Jr. who also made Outhouse, the fun toilet defender game I reviewed recently.

Sadly, Rally isn’t that great.
You drive a car through a maze and try to collect every flagpole.
You have to keep an eye on your fuel or else your car will get slower or stop, which of course means game over.
Collecting flags will you give some fuel back.
The biggest threat are other cars. There are waayyy tooo many eight on the map and they are fast and furious. You can hit space to blow up some dust, trying to confuse them but most of the times you will be attacked from two sides and drive right into your inevitable death.
You have a map, although a totally useless one, as enemies look exactly like flagpoles.

And that’s all there is to say. Rally is way too frustrating to enjoy and the graphics are kinda cheap even for TRS-80 standards (this is a car in Rally: <>)
Skip it!




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