Tandy TRS-80 – Rear Guard


Comes in handy when dropping your soap in prison.


A typical side-scroller from Adventure International, but with a twist.
Instead of flying towards the enemy, you constantly fly to the left.
So I guess you try to escape from an evil planet.
You shoot lasers out your a** from the rear while dodging enemies and their bullets. The enemy variety¬† is really striking. Every wave looks and behaves totally different. You don’t see that very often (at least in 1982).

Another big plus are the graphics.
Big sprites, starry background and mountains that were drawn with the fattest brush possible. Very ‘pop arty’.

And that’s all there is to say.
A simple shooter that gets really hard very early on so I was only able to survive for like five minutes, which on the other hand makes it perfect for a quick highscore-hunt.




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