Tandy TRS-80 – Sea Dragon


Spoiler alert: no dragons to be found in this game.


Adventure International is back with another side-scroller and this one is Terry Gilman’s favorite creation. I can see why.

You get a fresh setting.
A submarine on its mission to destroy an atomic reactor.
Avoid mines and lasers and shoot other ships. You can direct your weapon in two directions, rapid fire and there are even checkpoints.
Still, this game is hard as balls.

Enemies, just like in Penetratror, move only upwards. So you have to move back and forth, up and down constantly since some enemies don’t move at all. Again, trial and error.
You also have to keep an eye on your air-meter. If it hits zero, you die, so every once in a while you want to move to the surface. Pray you still have enough air when entering a cave. Caves so tiny that every wrong move will crush you (also: laser cannons).
But don’t worry. There are two difficult settings: Novice and Expert or as I like to call tem: survive for three minutes and survive for one minute.

Sea Dragon is unforgiving (not unfair), but even suckers like me can at least enjoy some nice graphics, fluid controls and of course, the deep-sea.




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