Tandy TRS-80 – Strike Force


Even the font looks pissed.


This action game by Beam Software play a lot like Defender.
You have to protect five cities from kamikaze aliens (great name guys) by flying your spaceship left and right an shooting everything in sight.
You can also drop bombs, but you have to find them first and they’re usually located inside a small cave. Good luck reaching them without crashing.
To keep the aliens from bombing your cities, you can also use an energy shields for a limited amount of time. Neat.

Strike Force is a very fast-paced game.
Works well for me in general, but some enemies appear right in front of you, giving you no chance to avoid them.
I could punch myself for not learning as the last five games I’ve played did exactly the same thing.
Besides that it’s an alright game that get’s boring pretty quick.
Once you’ve reached the left or right end of the map, you come out on the other end, so there is no variety in scenery.

The poster you can see on top is aces tho.




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